Our Services

Residential Landscaping

  • Basic Maintenance (Lawn mowing, weeding, etc.)
  • Tree care/Pruning (Ensure optimum tree health)
  • Irrigation Construction and Installation (Install sprinkle systems)
  • Harscape (Masonry, flagstone, patios)
  • Lawn Installation (New lawn installation)
  • Garden Lighting Installation (Spruce up the lighting in your garden)

Commercial Landscaping

  • Landscape Maintenance (Make sure your property shines)
  • Tree Pruning (Ensure optimum tree health)
  • Water Management (Save water and money)
  • Low Voltage Lighting Installation (Add security and ambience to your property)
  • Color Scapes
  • Integrated Pest Control (Critter issues? No problem.)

Home Services
We provide a wealth of services to make your home shine! Please contact us at 253-204-0207 for a quote on whatever services you desire.

Home Remodeling​

  • Custom Cabinets (Kitchen, bath, storage)
  • Kitchen Remodeling (Appliances, flooring, countertops)
  • Bathroom Remodeling (Fixtures, tubs, showers, tile, flooring)
  • Basement Remodeling (and additions)

Window Installations​

  • Bay Windows (Maximize space and views)
  • Horizontal Slider Windows (Sliding windows)
  • Casement Windows (Open outwards like a door on a hinge)
  • Double Hung Windows (Two vertically sliding Sash)
  • Awning Windows (Hinged at the top and open outward)
  • Gliding Windows (Two sash, more contemporary look)

Patio Door Installations​

  • Gliding (At least one panel glides smoothly)
  • Hinged Inswing (Save​ room for smaller spaces)
  • Hinged Outswing (Panels​ open outward)
  • Sidelights & Transoms (More Elegant Solutions)

Expert Painting​

  • Indoor (Select a color and room and we’ll do the painting!)
  • Outdoor (Make your home feel new again – give it a fresh new coat!)

Stairs & Decks​

We Specialize in Interior or Exterior home Renovations, Including Bathroom and kitchen remodeling, garages and more!