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After designing your dream kitchen, selecting all of the materials, cabinets, granite, (or other type of counter top), fixtures, appliances, flooring, lights, stain color, back splash, cabinet accessories, paint colors, and all other things needed to complete your luxury kitchen, we order all of those materials. We then store the materials until we receive everything needed to complete the remodel. This usually takes around 30 days to receive. At the same time, the cabinets are built to measurements needed and finish selected.
This process also takes around 30 days to do on average. Most kitchens can be completed in 45 days from the signing of a contract, to the completion of the kitchen remodel; 30 days for materials, 3 days to set up, and deliver all materials. We then start the remodel on a Saturday, 10 working days to complete the remodel, and you can enjoy your new kitchen for years. We feel that no other company can offer you this kind of service, quality, time efficiency, at a competitive price, that Ten Day Kitchens can! Oh, and we do bathrooms, too!