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We propose to Furnish Materials and Labor necessary to re-roof your home as follows:

  1. Remove & Dispose of existing roofing materials (recycle) to expose decking.
  2. Replace any and all rotten or damaged plywood or facia (this is included in price).
  3. Renail roof decking 6” on center, using 8D Ring Shank nails, to upgrade your deck attachment.
  4. 2 ½ face Aluminum (not galvanized) drip edge applied to perimeter of roof.
  5. Install 40 mil self-adhesive secondary water barrier to complete roof area.
  6. Install GAF Pro Start, starter shingles to perimeter of roof to ensure maximum uplift protection.
  7. Install 130mph GAF Timberline shingles, applied with 6 nails per shingles (color by owner).
  8. Install GAF cobra Ridge Runner (shingle over) ridge vent system to ensure proper ventilation.
  9. Install GAF Seal-a-Ridge shingles to all hip and ridges.
  10. Install New Kitchen / Bathroom vents painted to color co-ordinate with shingle color.
  11. Install lead boots on all plumbing stacks, painted to color co-ordinate with shingle color.
  12. This proposal includes the 50 year non-prorated system plus warranty which is transferable once in the first 15 years at no charge.
  13. All permits and inspection cost are included.
  14. A 4 page hurricane mitigation report included. Tarps will be used to cover all plants and protect pool cage. Removal of solar panels is the responsibility of owner.

*Credit cards accepted 2% convenience charge applied.

**Owner is responsible for providing truck access to the building. W.R.Carlson Roofing is not responsible for cracked or damaged driveways or culverts.