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I bet he thought he was untouchable! Yeah, yeah futbler, combative dutch midfielder. Yeah, yeah king koeman, pompey scum yeah. An over paid soccer player, or ‘futbler’ if you are a native of Southampton, has been caught speeding. First of all, was I the only one that had NO IDEA the second part of this reunion was scheduled to air last Thursday instead of Sunday night? How did I not know this? My job includes writing TV listings every day and I still had no clue the reunion was on last Thursday even after it aired on Thursday. In fact, I very nearly erased the recording of the second part of the reunion because Bravo does this irritating thing where they show a 15 minute “sneak preview” of the next episode that is never illuminating, only unsatisfying, and my DVR records it every time thinking it’s the next episode and I just go in and erase it because I’d rather watch the episode in its entirety OR NOTHING AT ALL, and that’s what I thought Thursday’s episode was when it popped up in my recorded series feed. Long story short: the final part of the reunion airs on Tuesday, heads up..

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