Room Addition

01-cc5153c3cbHere at Allstate Construction, we frequently work with homeowners who are dealing with home space issues. Usually, every home owner has two options to fulfill their home space needs – moving or new room addition.

Here is a list of questions we tend to ask to help our clients in making a quick decision:

  • Would your house be perfect after new room addition?
  • Why do you want to add more space in your existing home?
  • What is your budget for new room addition?

For those who do not have sufficient funds to buy a new space or do not want to move, we have customized home addition services.

Our professionals specialize in adding bathroom, bedroom, and office room, a new room for kids, a new story building and complete house renovation. We have proudly handled thousands of room additions in our service area. We have helped lots of homeowners to stay in their home with larger space with comfort.

Designing and planning is the most important phase for every successful construction or renovation project. Being a premier contractor, we are passionate to dream and work with our clients to create a customized design that can give you a space you and your desire for. When you rely on our designing team, you will be able to turn your desires into functional and effective reality.

Whether it is about making your home perfect for growing family, adding a modular kitchen to replace the old one or installing a new room for kids, we can help you to design a space which can match-up all your specific requirements. Our room addition services are second to none. Very few contractors have same level of knowledge and experience of completing addition projects on time, and on budget.

New room addition services begin with analyzing your place. Our professionals visit your place to determine your needs in person along with estimate budget. After that, we build a design of your project keeping in mind your requirements and budget. With our design, you can assume how will your house look? And what will be the exact cost of a particular design? Next the final design will be re-drawn by architects. Once the layout or design finalized by you, we submit that to particular department for permits. And in the last, we prepare a timeline for your job.

With new room addition services, we can make your living space more luxurious, spacious and comfortable to live.